Retrouvez l’ensemble des publications de l’année 2020 provenant de projets qui ont été financés grâce à l’abondement Carnot ESP


  • Synthesis of Embryonic Zeolites with Controlled Physicochemical Properties

Mariame Akouche, Jean-Pierre Gilson, Nikolai Nesterenko, Simona Moldovan, Daniel Chateigner, Hussein El Siblani, Delphine Minoux, Jean-Pierre Dath, and Valentin Valtchev (LCS, CRISMAT)

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  • A sponge-like small pore zeolite with great accessibility to its micropores

Kok-Giap Haw, Simona Moldovan, Lingxue Tang, Zhengxing Qin, Qianrong Fang, Shilun Qiua  and  Valentin Valtchev (LCS)

Graphical abstract: A sponge-like small pore zeolite with great accessibility to its micropores


  • Comparative Study of Zeolite L Etching with Ammonium Fluoride and Ammonium Bifluoride Solutions

Viktoria Babić,  Lingxue Tang, Zhengxing Qin,  Leila Hafiz,  Jean‐Pierre Gilson,  Valentin Valtchev (LCS)

  • Flexible Template-Free RHO Nanosized Zeolite for selective CO2 adsorption

Julien Grand, Nicolas Barrier, Maxime Debost, Edwin B. Clatworthy, Fabien Laine, Philippe Boullay, Nikolai Nesterenko, Jean-Pierre Dath, Jean-Pierre Gilson, and Svetlana Mintova (LCS, CRISMAT)

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  • Analysis and control of acid sites in zeolites

Ana Palčić, Valentin Valtchev (LCS)


Projet NAMS-CO2

  • Synthesis of discrete CHA zeolite nanocrystals without organic templates for selective CO2 capture

Dr. Maxime Debost , Dr. Paul B. Klar , Dr. Nicolas Barrier,  Dr. Edwin B. Clatworthy , Dr. Julien Grand, Dr. Fabien Laine , Dr. Petr Brázda,  Dr. Lukas Palatinus,  Dr. Nikolai Nesterenko , Dr. Philippe Boullay, Dr. Svetlana Mintova (LCS, CRISMAT)



  • Investigation of the early stage of reactive interdiffusion in the Cu-Al system by in-situ transmission electron microscopy

F.Moisy, X.Sauvage, E.Hug (CRISMAT, GPM)

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Projet Pack 5G

  • Quantitative mapping of high modulus materials at the nanoscale: comparative study between atomic force microscopy and nanoindentation


Projet Master

  • Promoted crystallisation and cationic ordering in thermoelectric Cu26V2Sn6S32colusite by eccentric vibratory ball milling

Michal Hegedüs, Marcela Achimovičová, Hongjue Hui, Gabin Guélou, Pierric Lemoine, Ismail Fourati, Jean Juraszek, B. Malaman, Peter Baláž  and  Emmanuel Guilmeau

Graphical abstract: Promoted crystallisation and cationic ordering in thermoelectric Cu26V2Sn6S32 colusite by eccentric vibratory ball milling


Autres projets

  • Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering study of doping and temperature dependence of low-energy excitations in La1−xSrxVO3

Kari Ruotsalainen, Matteo Gatti, James M. Ablett, Flora Yakhou-Harris, Jean-Pascal Rueff, Adrian David, Wilfrid Prellier, Alessandro Nicolaou (CRISMAT)


  • A scalable synthesis route for multiscale defect engineering in the sustainable thermoelectric quaternary sulfide Cu26V2Sn6S32

Gabin Guélou, Christophe Couder, Abdelhamid Bourhim, Oleg I. Lebedev, Nina Daneu, Florian Appert, Jean Juraszek, Pierric Lemoine, Lorraine Segreto, Emmanuel Guilmeau (CRISMAT, GPM)


  • Nanotip response to monocycle terahertz pulses

Houard, L. Arnoldi, A. Ayoub,   A. Hideur, and   A. Vella (GPM, CORIA)

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  • Transport properties and electronic density-of-states of Zn-doped colusite Cu26Cr2Ge6S32

Ventrapati Pavan Kumar, Sunanda Mitra,   Gabin Guélou, Andrew R. Supka,   Pierric Lemoine, Bernard Raveau,   Rabih Al Rahal Al Orabi,   Marco Fornari,  Koichiro Suekuni, and   Emmanuel Guilmeau

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